7 Advantages of Hiring Construction Site Mobile Patrol Security Guards

Advantages of Hiring Construction Site Mobile Patrol Security Guards

Security is a crucial factor in the construction industry. It not only prevents theft, break-ins, vandalism, and other crimes, but also avoids the resulting financial penalties caused by project delays, increased insurance premiums, and other liabilities.

Construction sites, particularly industrial ones, involve complex large-scale projects where security and safety are of paramount importance. This calls for the need for a security solution that can efficiently and effectively cover your entire premises to discourage unlawful activities. This is where mobile patrol security comes in to mitigate security risks on your property.

Read more about the key benefits of 24/7 mobile security patrols in construction sites and why you should consider them below.

Scout Security offers customized construction site security solutions in the Denver Metro and Colorado Springs areas. Our high-visibility mobile patrols guarantee site-wide security to identify and control early signs of criminal activities on your property before they lead to significant damages. Contact us now!

Customizable, site-wide, & cost-effective mobile patrol solutions

#1. Customizable Mobile Patrol Solutions to Cater to Your Needs

Mobile patrols are highly customizable and can be designed to meet every industry’s specific needs including the demanding requirements of construction sites. We perform a detailed assessment of your property to identify what risks and vulnerabilities need to be addressed. Through this, we can create a robust mobile security strategy that is guaranteed to be effective in providing your property with the level of security it needs.

We can customize the following:

  • The number of mobile patrol guards
  • Patrol routes and schedules
  • Patrol frequencies
  • Locations that need to be focused on

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#2. Cost-Effective & Site-Wide Security Solution

The customizability, flexibility, efficiency, and site-wide security offered by mobile patrol units make them more cost-effective solutions for construction site managers.

Hiring security for your construction site is cheaper compared to security cameras and dedicated security guards that stay at a fixed location. They can cover multiple areas on your site within a short time including blind spots that security cameras and traditional guards cannot monitor.

Moreover, you will only pay for the services you need such as the number of guards and frequency of patrols. Despite this, your whole property will still be protected around the clock to proactively deter crimes.

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#3. 24/7 Visible Presence for Effective Crime Deterrence Especially Heavy Equipment Theft

24/7 visible crime deterrence including equipment theft

Unsecured construction sites are easy targets for thieves and trespassers due to the expensive equipment, tools, and building materials (e.g. copper) present on the site. You can take extra measures to make accessing your equipment/tools difficult by fastening them to the ground or moving them to a safe storage location. But, this is not a practical solution for every situation.

With uniformed mobile security guards conducting regular patrols around your premises, you can rest assured that your valuable assets are safe during off hours. The vehicles used by mobile patrollers also have a visible mark that can be seen from afar which will help discourage potential criminals.

Their unpredictable patrols along with consistent presence make it harder for thieves, trespassers, vandals, and other law violators to target your construction. Thus, reducing the risk of theft and property damage as well as preventing problematic project delays.

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Did You Know?

Heavy equipment theft incidents continued to rise for the past five years and have caused billions of losses with worksites being the top targeted locations. These losses include financial damage caused by delays in construction operations due to stolen equipment which is not often recovered.

Prevent liabilities, control access, & rapid emergency response

#4. Controlled Access to Your Site to Prevent Liabilities Aside From Crimes

Construction sites have a lot of entrances and exits that need to be guarded at all times. There are also many people and vehicles coming in and out of the site throughout the day. This makes tracking every individual entering your property challenging.

Security patrols at your construction site can monitor unauthorized access by managing foot and vehicle traffic. They can check IDs, identify suspicious vehicles, and maintain logs to make sure that only authorized personnel enter the site. They can also lock and unlock entrances, exits, and restricted areas at specific times of the day. This does not only prevent theft and vandalism but also saves you from potential liabilities due to trespasser-related accidents or injuries.

You may still be held liable for trespasser injuries/accidents on your construction site due to negligence. Not taking appropriate measures to block your site off will make it easily accessible to trespassers which can lead to injuries that you might be sued for.

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#5. Rapid Emergency Response to Mitigate Damages

Another reason why construction sites need mobile patrol services is to mitigate damages in the event of security alarms or emergencies.

Mobile patrol security guards who are constantly roaming around your property make detecting and responding to security breaches faster. They have undergone comprehensive training that includes emergency response so they can handle security breaches, medical emergencies, and safety issues effectively and promptly.

Moreover, patrollers can assess situations, identify necessary actions, and coordinate with relevant agencies for immediate assistance. This will protect your property and save lives during critical situations. Thus, minimizing the impacts of security incidents on your construction site and business including disruptions and downtimes. They can also serve as witnesses in case of crimes or lawsuits.

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Ensure OSHA compliance, detailed documentation, & real-time incident reporting

#6. Ensure Your Compliance With OSHA Standards by Following Safety Protocols

Complying with OSHA’s construction standards is important to avoid costly violations by ensuring the safety of your workers while doing their job.

There are a lot of safety hazards present in construction sites that can cause worker injuries including:

  • Falling
  • Slipping
  • Tripping
  • Struck-by incidents
  • Electrocution
  • Improper material handling

Moreover, many fatalities involve the lack of or improper use of safety equipment. These incidents can be prevented if a professional guard is present to ensure that all safety protocols are being followed.

Aside from performing routine patrols to spot suspicious activities, mobile security guards also identify potential hazards and handle them before they can cause any problems. Thus, enhancing the safety of your construction site to allow for smooth construction operations so you can meet your deadlines.

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Worker accidents and fatalities caused by unsecured job sites can cost you significant financial losses due to:

  • OSHA penalties
  • Lawsuits
  • Worker compensation costs
  • Downtimes
  • Decreased employee morale

#7. Documentation & Real-Time Incident Reporting to Keep You Updated

Mobile patrol security services provide detailed documentation and reports of incidents in case of accidents, legal disputes, and insurance claims.

They use advanced technology including mobile patrol apps and security cameras to monitor every movement on your property. These mobile patrol apps also allow the guards to capture photos and take videos which can be used as evidence in case of complications.

Another benefit of mobile construction site security guards is real-time incident notifications that can be received by the client and other concerned individuals. This way, you can stay updated on what is going on around your property when you are not there so you can take appropriate actions too. You can also receive customized reports as per your requirements.

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Other Important Things to Know About Mobile Patrol Security for Construction Sites

Other Important Things to Know About Mobile Patrol Security for Construction Sites

What is a mobile security patrol?

Mobile security patrols involve uniformed security personnel conducting regular rounds around your premises using a marked vehicle. Their visible presence and unpredictable patrol routes and schedules help deter criminal activities as well as prevent unauthorized access to your property.

What is the role of mobile security patrols?

Mobile security patrol duties include:

  • Identifying security threats and hazards
  • Controlling access to your site
  • Preventing crimes
  • Addressing safety hazards
  • Responding to emergencies
  • Documentation and reporting

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How much are mobile patrol security services?

The cost of mobile security patrols will depend on your site’s specific needs. Factors such as guard numbers, number of patrol rounds, experience of the guards, and others can impact the cost. Choose a licensed and insured security company like Scout Security to make sure that you’ll get what you’re paying for.

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What security is needed on a construction site?

Mobile patrol services are ideal for construction sites that require site-wide security because of multiple locations that need to be monitored efficiently. Construction sites also involve various serious hazards where vigilance is needed so they can be spotted and dealt with promptly before they lead to accidents. Hazard identification and control are included in the key duties of mobile guards.

Why do you need security on a construction site?

Construction sites are vulnerable to different crimes, especially theft. They contain expensive equipment, machinery, tools, and building materials that attract thieves. Unsecured and unguarded construction sites also invite trespassers, loiterers, and vandals who could get injured on your site. You could be held liable for your negligence.

Why is patrolling important in security?

Mobile patrol security is important for proactive crime prevention on your construction site to reduce costly delays and liabilities. They constantly move around your property to look for suspicious activities and hazards so they can be handled before they cause serious problems.

What is the main advantage of mobile patrol?

Among the main advantages of mobile patrols are:
– Effective site-wide and budget-friendly security
– Highly visible presence to deter criminal activities on your construction site

They are more cost-effective compared to traditional guards and security cameras. They can also be customized based on your specific needs.


Mobile patrol security at construction sites is important in reducing theft, vandalism, and trespassing incidents. This, in turn, prevents financial damage due to project delays, property damage, and liabilities caused by civilian accidents. This is why construction site managers should consider mobile patrol security services to prevent potential crimes on their property. You will also get robust security solutions at cost-effective rates. 

Hire security for your construction site through Scout Security’s highly trained mobile patrol guards who will be your first line of defense against security breaches. Our customizable services in the Colorado Springs and Denver Metro areas aim to provide comprehensive security solutions to property managers to keep their businesses safe.

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