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Hire a fully certified and insured fire watch security company in Colorado for premium fire watch services. Our fire watch guards deploy on very short notice.

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Rapid Response Fire Watch Guards in Colorado

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Get the Best Fire Watch Services by Hiring Well-Trained & Licensed Fire Watch Guards in Denver And Colorado Springs Areas

As a building owner or property manager, you are required to perform a fire watch if your fire protection system malfunctions or is undergoing maintenance, until your system becomes fully operational. Failure to do so can cause catastrophic damage to your business including hefty fines and liabilities, financial losses, and a tarnished brand image, AND RISKING ANOTHER FIRE, INJURY, OR DEATH.

Work with a fully certified and insured fire watch security company in Colorado, Scout Security, and get the most qualified fire watch guards to add a layer of security to your property.

  • Work with experienced fire watch personnel who are experts in fire safety procedures and well-versed in local and state laws.
  • Protect your property from the devastating consequences of fire disasters and noncompliance with fire watch requirements.
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Let our professional Colorado fire watch guards patrol your property 24/7 to keep your building and residents safe. Contact us now and maximize security by ensuring your property’s safety against fire hazards.

Hire The Rapid Response Fire Watch Security Company You Can Trust

Prevent Liabilities & Minimize Financial Loss Through Our Colorado Fire Watch Security Services

Scout Security helps commercial and industrial property managers keep their businesses up and running with our fast-response fire watch services. Our expert fire watch guards help mitigate risks and help you avoid business shutdowns by being your eyes and ears when your fire alarm and sprinkler systems become inoperable.

24/7 On-Call Colorado Fire Watch Security Guards For:

We offer customized fire watch security solutions that are tailored to your specific needs and will deploy fire watch security officers on short notice.

Top-Rated Long-Term or Short-Term Fire Watch Guards In Colorado For Rapid Fire-Hazard Identification & Reporting

Hire Short-Term Fire Watch Guard Services If:

  • Your fire suppression and alarm systems have failed or are out of service
  • You will be performing pre-planned inspections, maintenance, or repair activities to your fire protection system
  • There is an excessive number of nuisance alarms or activations
  • Your fire alarm control panel lost power
  • You are expecting dense crowds during an event in your building
  • Construction or demolition of a commercial building is ongoing
  • Your building’s water system is undergoing maintenance or repair
  • Hot work operations (e.g. cutting, welding, grinding, soldering) are being performed in your building

Hire Long-Term Fire Watch Guard Services If:

  • You need ongoing security and are looking for experienced fire watch guards to prevent property damage and protect your reputation
  • Your business is dealing with combustibles and hazardous materials
  • You have preplanned construction, renovation tasks or awaiting, back-ordered repair parts
Work With Scout Security’s Well-Organized Fire Watch Security Guards to Keep a Watchful Eye on Your Property & Maintain Public Safety Through Continuous Patrols

What We Do to Minimize Damage & Keep Your Property, Residents, & Personnel Safe From Fire Hazards

Our highly trained firewatch security guards perform the following core duties to prevent catastrophic financial losses to your business:

  • Understanding fire safety and evacuation procedures
  • Patrolling your property 24/7 to monitor all affected areas
  • Detecting potential dangers & identifying fire hazards (e.g. sources of fire or smoke, gas leaks, improperly stored flammables, etc.)
  • Identifying other hazards and obstacles that could impede response operations and safe evacuation (e.g. blocked entrances/exits)
  • Ensuring that your fire extinguishers and other emergency equipment are adequate, readily available, and fully functional
  • Using emergency safety equipment to extinguish small fires
  • Cooperating with local fire departments, law enforcement, and other business contacts
  • Alerting building occupants and your local fire department in case of a fire outbreak
  • Keeping a log of patrol rounds that contains relevant patrol information
Reach out to us now and work with a professional fire watch security company serving the Denver and Colorado Springs areas to avoid penalties or shutdowns.

Other Things to Know About Fire Watch Security Services

What is a Fire Watch? Why is It Important?

Definition: A fire watch is a person or persons that patrol your property continuously to identify, detect, and respond to fire hazards.

Colorado state laws require businesses with fire alarm and/or fire sprinkler systems to deploy a fire watch if the system will be inoperable for over 4 hours during a 24-hour period.

Importance of a Fire Watch

  • Prevent fines or business closures caused by noncompliance with local and state regulations when your system malfunctions
  • Prevent financial losses, property damage, and/or casualties
  • Maintain a good brand image to avoid losing customers

What are the Rules of Fire Watch?

Below are the key requirements for fire watch according to Colorado state laws:

  • Deploy a fire watch security guards if your fire alarm and/or fire sprinkler systems are impaired until your system is fully operational
  • Post a fire watch during hot work operations and continue monitoring for at least 30 minutes after completion.
  • The fire watch staff should not have any other duties aside from their assigned fire watch and should have received proper training.


Do not use your own maintenance or other staff for fire watch! This is critical and may put your organization in legal jeopardy. You may risk fines and/or other legal penalties. Anyone with tasks besides fire watch is distracted from the main purpose of the fire watch role.

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How Much Do Fire Watch Services Cost?

The costs of fire watch security services can VARY WIDELY.  It will cost most during emergency situations. Although it can be costly, this is only a small amount compared to the price you will need to pay if you don’t comply with fire watch requirements.

It’s important to recognize the magnitude of the fire watch role. A fire can cause property damage, business impairment and in worst case scenarios, injury and even the loss of life due to a catastrophic event.

Hire Scout Security for Trusted Fire Watch Services & Get What You Pay For

Scout Security is a leading security company providing rapid response fire watch services through our licensed and highly trained fire watch guards that meet state and local fire watch requirements. Our guards are trained in fire safety laws and procedures including fire hazard recognition and prevention.

Contact us now and let us help you maintain a good reputation and keep your business running through our unparalleled fire watch security guard services in the Denver and Colorado Springs areas.

Why Choose Us

Licensed, Thoroughly Screened, & Highly Trained Security Guards for Effective Crime Deterrence

Licensed & Insured

Scout Security is a licensed and fully insured security agency in Colorado. Working with us means investing in top-class security solutions that address your specific needs.

Thoroughly Screened Personnel

We only hire the best security guards including former law enforcement officers and veterans through a strict guard ranking system based on various attributes including physical strength, emotional intelligence, work ethics, and others.

Unparalleled Customer Support

With extremely high response times and a dispatch center that is on standby 24/7, we can respond to your inquiries and emergency calls within an hour. We will be here when you need high-level security services most.

Customized Technology-Based Solutions

We perform a detailed risk assessment of your property to identify weaknesses in your security plan and ensure that you’ll get a specialized solution that will address your specific needs. We also use cutting-edge smart technology to streamline our operations and to assist in our reporting process with real-time incident notifications.

Extensively Trained Security Guards

Our new recruits are required to complete a series of training courses including best security practices, legal responsibilities, situational response, patrol techniques, de-escalation, documentation, and reporting. Even field training officers and supervisors undergo leadership training to ensure top-notch services.

High Professional Standards

You will receive a detailed onboarding process and be assigned a dedicated Client Success Manager to ensure that your needs are responded to around-the-clock. We perform the duties and responsibilities we promised to do without any excuses. We also pay our guards well to ensure adherence to internationally recognized standards.

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