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Avoid parking lot liabilities and potential lawsuits with Scout Security’s proactive security solutions to effectively deter crimes. We serve the Denver Colorado Springs areas.

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Parking Lot Security Services in Colorado

Industry-Leading Parking Enforcement Security & Surveillance Services From Scout Security

According to the FBI’s 2021 crime statistics, parking garages and lots are the third most common locations for violent crimes in the United States. This makes security one of the top issues that property managers need to address to create a safe environment for their clients and employees, reduce crimes, and protect their reputation.

Scout Security is recognized for offering premium security services for real estate clients including multifamily and luxury apartments. We have the experience and know-how to effectively deter and prevent security threats in your property including your parking lots/garages. We provide top-notch security solutions to commercial and industrial businesses in the Colorado Springs and Denver areas.

We help you avoid parking lot liabilities and potential lawsuits through active security measures that include parking lot security guards coupled with rapid response. With a robust security program, you can rest assured that your business is safe.

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The presence of Scout Security’s highly trained and properly equipped personnel in your parking lot/garage alone can deter unlawful acts in your property. Contact us now to help assure the safety and security of your patrons and employees.

Work With A Top-Rated Parking Lot Security Guard Company in Colorado to Prevent Security Vulnerabilities Effectively

We specialize in providing comprehensive security guard solutions that meet your specific needs by conducting security assessments to address the unique vulnerabilities of your parking facilities.

Our licensed and insured guards that include former military and law enforcement personnel have received intensive training on the best security practices and techniques to effectively handle threats.

What makes our guards different…
We see our role as a customer service type of role. Our guards are:

  • Personable
  • Professional at all times
  • Clean and tidy
  • Respectful
  • De-escalation trained

We emphasize the importance of keeping combative parties calm and doing what is necessary to de-escalate the situation. Our goal is to end the problem before it gets out of hand.

Maximize your parking lot security by having uniformed security guards manage access control and patrol your premises regularly to monitor suspicious activities.

Parking Lot & Parking Garage Security Services We Offer

Our short-term and long-term parking management and enforcement services include the following:

  • 24/7 dispatch services
  • High-visibility security presence
  • Constant perimeter patrols
  • Identifying suspicious behaviors
  • Controlling access to your parking area
  • Proactively preventing security issues
  • Enforcing parking policies
  • De-escalating potentially violent situations
  • After-hours escorts
  • Facilitating vehicle towing
  • Rapid response to security threats
  • Contacting local authorities
  • Daily activity reports

Whether you need temporary or permanent parking lot security officers to make your patrons and employees feel safe and secure, we’ve got you covered!

We Help Deter the Greatest Security Threats in Your Parking Areas


  • Vehicle break-ins
  • Vehicle theft
  • Catalytic converter theft
  • Toolbox break-ins
  • Gas tanks theft (drilling and syphoning fuel)
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Loitering
  • Trespassing
  • Robbery
  • Assault/Mugging
  • Illegal dumping
  • Hit-and-runs
Scout Security’s preventive security measures help to reduce or stop criminal activities in your parking areas. We also offer CCTV monitoring, fire watch, and mobile patrol services to reinforce your security strategy. Contact us now for a free security assessment.

Benefits of on-site parking lot security

Parking facilities, especially poorly lit and unsecured ones, are vulnerable to crimes due to their convenient escape routes, natural hiding places, and weak security. They also contain valuable goods that attract thieves. Without adequate security, you can be held liable for the crimes that happen in your parking facility which can destroy your reputation.

You can invest in parking lot access control systems, but nothing can beat the effectiveness of in-person security patrols to monitor your premises personally.

  • Keep your employees and patrons safe especially during vulnerable times to protect your reputation.
  • Regular patrols help prevent theft, vandalism, property damage, and other unlawful activities.
  • Monitor access to restricted areas and reserved parking slots.

In addition to the visible presence of uniformed security guards, adequate illumination and security patrol signs can also discourage potential criminals from committing criminal acts.

Call Us Now & Get Premium Parking Lot Security Services From One of the Leading Security Companies in the Colorado Springs and Denver areas.

Scout Security provides top-class security solutions to property managers who are looking for long-term business partners to help them maintain their brand and reputation. We understand your unique security needs and can provide you with unmatched services that will exceed your expectations.

Call for a free security assessment right now and let us build a strong security program to keep crimes at bay. We can dispatch highly qualified security guards to your property on short notice.

Why Choose Us

Licensed, Thoroughly Screened, & Highly Trained Security Guards for Effective Crime Deterrence

Licensed & Insured

Scout Security is a licensed and fully insured security agency in Colorado. Working with us means investing in top-class security solutions that address your specific needs.

Thoroughly Screened Personnel

We only hire the best security guards including former law enforcement officers and veterans through a strict guard ranking system based on various attributes including physical strength, emotional intelligence, work ethics, and others.

Unparalleled Customer Support

With extremely high response times and a dispatch center that is on standby 24/7, we can respond to your inquiries and emergency calls within an hour. We will be here when you need high-level security services most.

Customized Technology-Based Solutions

We perform a detailed risk assessment of your property to identify weaknesses in your security plan and ensure that you’ll get a specialized solution that will address your specific needs. We also use cutting-edge smart technology to streamline our operations and to assist in our reporting process with real-time incident notifications.

Extensively Trained Security Guards

Our new recruits are required to complete a series of training courses including best security practices, legal responsibilities, situational response, patrol techniques, de-escalation, documentation, and reporting. Even field training officers and supervisors undergo leadership training to ensure top-notch services.

High Professional Standards

You will receive a detailed onboarding process and be assigned a dedicated Client Success Manager to ensure that your needs are responded to around-the-clock. We perform the duties and responsibilities we promised to do without any excuses. We also pay our guards well to ensure adherence to internationally recognized standards.

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