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Prevent interruptions and significant financial losses by hiring licensed and insured construction site security guards for 24/7 crime deterrent.

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Professional Construction Site Security Services in Colorado

Construction Site Security Services From Licensed & Exceptionally Trained Security Guards for First-Class Protection

Theft and vandalism are among the biggest concerns in the construction industry. In fact, the cost of annual equipment theft was estimated to be around $300 million to 1 billion. This doesn’t include other damages and losses caused by business interruption. Poor site security along with low risk of criminal activity detection are some of the key factors contributing to high levels of equipment theft.

 By hiring Scout Security’s vigilant construction security guards to monitor and patrol your property, unlawful activities can be proactively prevented. We only hire high-caliber personnel through rigorous screening and train them on the best industry practices to ensure that you only get guards that meet your standards.

Our extensive experience allows us to offer sophisticated security solutions that meet the challenging security needs of the construction industry. We assure you that we can exceed your expectations by giving you EXACTLY what you pay for.

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Hire professional construction site security guards to get the highest level of security and prevent substantial financial losses. Avoid equipment theft and liabilities due to unauthorized access through a comprehensive security plan. Contact us now for a FREE security assessment!

We Offer Comprehensive Construction Security Solutions Tailored to Your Needs to Protect Your Valuable Assets

Construction site surveillance is paramount to the on-time completion of your operations and the success of your projects. As a leading security company in the Denver and Colorado Springs areas, we understand the importance of time management in construction. We help you prevent disruptions to ensure seamless operations through a comprehensive security plan for your property which starts by identifying high-risk areas.

 We have extensive experience in providing top-notch services to companies and have highly qualified guards that include retired military and law enforcement personnel. Thus, you can trust us to provide you with the quality service you demand.


  • Short-term or long-term security services
  • Detailed risk assessment
  • Ongoing customer support
  • Uniformed licensed security guards
  • High-visibility security presence
  • Real time video construction site surveillance
  • Emergency response

Integrated Security Services for Maximum Protection in Construction Sites to Keep Your Assets and People Safe

A combination of manned security guarding, constant site patrols, and CCTV monitoring can effectively deter criminal activities by providing around-the-clock security. We offer the following security solutions for construction site property managers:


  • Dedicated Security Guards
  • Mobile Patrol Security
  • Remote CCTV Monitoring
  • Fire Watch Services
We provide peace of mind through robust security solutions customized to your site’s specific needs. We protect your valuable assets through proactive security plans and rapid response during emergency situations.

Construction Site Security Responsibilities to Effectively Fight Against Criminal Activities

  • Equipment Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Trespassing
  • Tampering
  • Loitering
  • Illegal Dumping
  • Business interruption
  • Liabilities

The responsibilities
of our uniformed construction site security guards include performing the following duties:

  • Protecting your valuable assets including materials, tools, equipment, and workers
  • Detecting, managing, and removing trespassers and loiterers
  • Preventing employee theft
  • Scheduled and/or random patrols around the premises
  • Controlling access by checking IDs and securing entrance and exits
  • Managing traffic flow in high-risk areas
  • Direct first responders during emergencies (e.g. fire)
  • Communicating with local authorities
  • Daily activity reports
Hire a construction site security company that has a deep understanding of the intricacies of the construction industry to assure the safety and security of your assets. Contact Scout Security now and let us help you ensure your project’s success!

What Is Site Security in Building Construction? How Does It Benefit Your Business?

The size of construction sites, the presence of multiple access points, and the number of people coming in and out including deliveries make security in construction sites a big challenge. Valuable equipment and materials left unsecured make your property an easy target for thieves, especially after business hours.

 Construction sites also make ideal shelters for homeless individuals and are prone to loitering and vandalism. Moreover, they have complex designs and contain numerous hazards that can lead to liabilities when trespassers get injured on your property. Tampering can also put your workers at risk and compromise your operations. Damage to your expensive equipment and tools due to natural disasters such as severe weather is another threat you need to deal with.

 Without proper security, you’ll be faced with significant losses and liabilities caused by unauthorized access and project interruptions.

 Hiring a construction site security guard helps in:

  • Creating a safe working environment for your workers to boost employee morale
  • Drastically reducing the risk of unlawful activities
  • Decreasing potential liabilities due to unauthorized access
  • Improving productivity and efficiency so you can stick to your deadlines
  • Preventing property damage through rapid emergency response

Hire Scout Security’s Experienced Construction Security Guards to Avoid Interruptions & Catastrophic Damage to Your Business

Partner with Scout Security to prevent delays and ensure the success of your construction projects. Our uniformed construction security guards provide a visible deterrent to give you peace of mind.

 What makes our guards different…

 We see our role as a customer service type of role. Our guards are:


  • Personable
  • Professional at all times
  • Clean and tidy
  • Respectful
  • De-escalation trained

We emphasize the importance of keeping combative parties calm and doing what is necessary to de-escalate the situation. Our goal is to end the problem before it gets out of hand.

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Why Choose Us

Licensed, Thoroughly Screened, & Highly Trained Security Guards for Effective Crime Deterrence

Licensed & Insured

Scout Security is a licensed and fully insured security agency in Colorado. Working with us means investing in top-class security solutions that address your specific needs.

Thoroughly Screened Personnel

We only hire the best security guards including former law enforcement officers and veterans through a strict guard ranking system based on various attributes including physical strength, emotional intelligence, work ethics, and others.

Unparalleled Customer Support

With extremely high response times and a dispatch center that is on standby 24/7, we can respond to your inquiries and emergency calls within an hour. We will be here when you need high-level security services most.

Customized Technology-Based Solutions

We perform a detailed risk assessment of your property to identify weaknesses in your security plan and ensure that you’ll get a specialized solution that will address your specific needs. We also use cutting-edge smart technology to streamline our operations and to assist in our reporting process with real-time incident notifications.

Extensively Trained Security Guards

Our new recruits are required to complete a series of training courses including best security practices, legal responsibilities, situational response, patrol techniques, de-escalation, documentation, and reporting. Even field training officers and supervisors undergo leadership training to ensure top-notch services.

High Professional Standards

You will receive a detailed onboarding process and be assigned a dedicated Client Success Manager to ensure that your needs are responded to around-the-clock. We perform the duties and responsibilities we promised to do without any excuses. We also pay our guards well to ensure adherence to internationally recognized standards.

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