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We provide high-visibility mobile patrol security services for site-wide security, tailored to your specific needs. Work with the most qualified and well-trained guards in the Denver and Colorado Springs areas.

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Mobile Patrol Security Services in Colorado

High-Visibility Mobile Patrols for Site-Wide Security in the Denver and Colorado Springs Areas to Keep Your Property & Visitors Safe

Scout Security is a beacon of safety for your property that helps deter theft, burglary, crimes, trespassing, and/or vandalism through our proactive security services and rapid response times. We have well-trained and licensed mobile patrol security guards who will patrol your property per your contract, at a predetermined schedule to maximize security.

We serve clients in the multifamily (apartment complex), retail, commercial, and industrial manufacturing industries including hotels, resorts, construction sites, warehouses, industrial parks, and more! Work with a trusted mobile security company to safeguard your business from criminal acts that could damage your reputation and avoid unexpected financial losses.

We create the most effective solutions by assessing your property and identifying issues that might lead to crimes. Thus, providing you the best mobile security services that are tailored to your specific needs to properly address your security concerns.

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We Offer Customized Mobile Patrol Services 24/7 at Cost-Effective Rates to Give You Peace of Mind

Our highly qualified mobile patrol units come in professionally marked patrol vehicles that serve as your first line of defense against potential criminal activities. We hire licensed guards, veterans, and former law enforcement officers who have passed multiple trainings to ensure that they perform their expected duties and exceed your expectations.

Add a layer of protection to your property at more affordable rates if you don’t want to hire dedicated full-time security guards. We specialize in rapid response and thorough reporting to provide effective security solutions for every industry.

We recognize that we have competitors that have been known to falsify reports by duplicating photos of checkpoints and activities rather than fulfilling their obligation to patrol at a predetermined and contracted frequency.

How do you prevent this unethical practice?

First step. Hire scout security. Why? We utilize state-of-the-art technology that requires us to accurately document our guard’s movement and activities. We make this information available to our clients – minute by minute.

Our GPS-tracking software gives you access to our guard’s activities and locations whenever you like.

If your current security provider does not provide easy access (in real time) to your guard’s patrol you should call Scout Security immediately.

Our mobile patrols include multiple security services for all-around safety to efficiently deter potential criminals in your property. Scout Security guards have undergone various intensive trainings to quickly respond to alarms and emergencies.

Hire Licensed Mobile Patrol Officers to Proactively Deter Potential Crimes

Uniformed mobile patrol officers who have undergone specialized training and use the latest security technology are trained to perform the following duties effectively:


  • Check property lines and borders
  • Perform scheduled or random patrols to check for threats, crimes, and other nuisances
  • Lock and secure (lock and unlock services) restricted areas, gates, entrances, doors, windows, etc.
  • Identify suspicious activities & unauthorized vehicles
  • Monitor parking lots
  • Enforce property policies & procedures
  • Escort employees and clients
  • Permit or refuse entry
  • Respond to alarms and emergencies including nuisance complaints immediately
  • Assist local law enforcement
  • Coordinate with authorities in case of emergencies
  • Provide real-time reports including system maintenance reports (e.g. lighting)

Combine Mobile Patrols With Dedicated Guards & Video Surveillance to Strengthen Your Security Program

Are you managing a large property such as an industrial or construction site and want to maximize security? We also offer video surveillance and have dedicated security guards to help protect your property from thieves, vandals, loiterers, and other criminal acts.

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Other Things to Know About Mobile Patrol Security Services

What Are Mobile Security Patrols?

Mobile patrols employ uniformed guards in a vehicle to inspect your premises regularly and deliver reports regarding any suspicious behavior. Thus, ensuring that your property is safe and secure.

Unlike traditional dedicated guards, they move around your property (inside and outside) at pre-scheduled or random times during the day and night. Unpredicted patrols help deter would-be criminals and detect potential risks to prevent damages and losses to your business.

Moreover, mobile patrols offer a more affordable alternative to manned guarding and are ideal for small businesses or other situations where full-time security is not practical.

Hybrid security solutions – combining security services

We solve your security concerns on the basis of your needs, not ours. Many situations require multiple security solutions for optimal success.

This hybrid approach to security means you may utilize a combination of CCTV live camera monitoring, a dedicated guard and mobile patrols.

Every property and every business is unique. So are the solutions provided by scout security. Call to learn more.

What Is the Purpose of Mobile Patrols?

Our first goal, and likely yours, is giving your residents peace of mind. Just having a professionally marked security patrol car in your premises is not enough to discourage offenders and make your visitors, residents, and employees feel safe. Our guards can cover larger areas to identify security threats and respond to them immediately. They also address issues such as:


  •   Employee escort
  •   Noise abatement
  •   After-hours activities
  •   Transient problems


Thus, helping you maintain a positive business reputation and allowing you to focus on more important aspects of your business with the confidence that your property is safe and secure.

How Much Do Mobile Patrol Services Cost?

Our mobile patrol services vary depending on your needs. Costs depend on various factors such as:


  • Your property’s location
  • The size of your property
  • The tasks you want us to perform
  • Length of coverage term

Work With Well-Trained, Responsive, & Professional Mobile Patrol Officers for a More Affordable Way of Securing Your Property

As a leader in the security industry that has been providing premium security services to big property management groups in Colorado Springs and the Denver areas, you can count on our industry-leading security solutions. Scout Security hires the most qualified security guards and uses technology-based solutions to ensure the success of your security program.



We have a strict hiring standard where we choose guards through a ranking system based on several attributes such as physical strength, situational awareness, emotional intelligence, and values. We also pay our guards better than the average security guard company in our markets.

We protect your assets and people through a comprehensive security system customized to your business’s needs. Book a consultation now! Ask about our free security assessment.

Why Choose Us

Licensed, Thoroughly Screened, & Highly Trained Security Guards for Effective Crime Deterrence

Licensed & Insured

Scout Security is a licensed and fully insured security agency in Colorado. Working with us means investing in top-class security solutions that address your specific needs.

Thoroughly Screened Personnel

We only hire the best security guards including former law enforcement officers and veterans through a strict guard ranking system based on various attributes including physical strength, emotional intelligence, work ethics, and others.

Unparalleled Customer Support

With extremely high response times and a dispatch center that is on standby 24/7, we can respond to your inquiries and emergency calls within an hour. We will be here when you need high-level security services most.

Customized Technology-Based Solutions

We perform a detailed risk assessment of your property to identify weaknesses in your security plan and ensure that you’ll get a specialized solution that will address your specific needs. We also use cutting-edge smart technology to streamline our operations and to assist in our reporting process with real-time incident notifications.

Extensively Trained Security Guards

Our new recruits are required to complete a series of training courses including best security practices, legal responsibilities, situational response, patrol techniques, de-escalation, documentation, and reporting. Even field training officers and supervisors undergo leadership training to ensure top-notch services.

High Professional Standards

You will receive a detailed onboarding process and be assigned a dedicated Client Success Manager to ensure that your needs are responded to around-the-clock. We perform the duties and responsibilities we promised to do without any excuses. We also pay our guards well to ensure adherence to internationally recognized standards.

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