Know How to Become Security Guards?

Security Guards

Do you want to feel safe while working, shopping, or going anywhere? Having personnel security guards who make sure of your and your property’s safety is essential in many establishments such as banks, residential buildings, parking garages, and medical facilities. Due to the number of agencies and properties, it is good to learn how to become security guards.

Different types of security guards require different credentials. These consist of bodyguards, bank security guards, cruise ship security, armed and unarmed security guards, etc.

If you want to become a security guard, you must know what you should pursue in your career. Some positions in the security guard company Denver need minimal qualifications, whereas the others will require the proper training and license criteria.

This article is written on the ways to become security guards. If you are interested in learning, read the complete article and understand the entire way.

Duties of the security guards

The general duty of all security guards is to protect the people and their property from theft, injury, vandalism, or other types of criminal activities. They work for a broad range of institutions and agencies such as security companies, government agencies, casinos, hospitals, parking garages, school and college campuses, etc.

Some security guards give their services at stationary locations, whereas others work on mobile. They work different time schedules, such as full-time or overnight shifts.

The following points are the duties of the security guards that consists:

  • Enforcing the establishment rules by the owners of the property.
  • Visit the property after a certain period and conduct security checks periodically.
  • Checking the video-surveillance systems and alarms after a regular interval of time.
  • Responds to emergencies when any dangerous situations and criminal activity are detected.
  • Regulating visitors’ and employees’ access to buildings.
  • Creating reports of any movement or activities that they observe on their job.
  • Contacting fire departments, police, and ambulance services in case of any emergencies.

A way to become the security guards

There are many security guard jobs that need to check a high school diploma or GED, as well as the the-job training letter. It is also true that some security guards start their job without any experience, but not in the case of the casino security officer in Colorado. Security guards in the casino industry require prior experience in working in the casino and monitoring video-surveillance systems.

The expected skills and qualifications to become security guards are as follows.

  • The ability to make effective communications, especially when there are stressed situations.
  • Having good interpersonal skills and the ability to deal with tense situations.
  • Attention and keen observation skills
  • Having the problem solve ability and ability to take the best decisions in the case of any emergencies.
  • Must have the stamina, physical strength, and the ability to beat someone to give protection to their owner and their property.

Security guard training

The time period of the training before starting the security guard job differs from one type of security guard to another. For example, You have to join several months of training if you want to do a job as a gambling surveillance officer. There is also some job for the security guards where you only need to attend the training sessions for some weeks.

Some states suggested getting the pre-assignment training of eight hours, whereas the other states suggested getting the annual training of 8 to 16 hours.

In the training of the security guards, you will learn about effective communication, emergency procedures,  report writing, first aid,  and tips to prevent criminal activities. Armed guards are first undergoing long training, learned to become licensed to bring a firearm, and undergo firearms testing after a regular interval of time.

Security guard license

Security guard licenses depend upon the states in which you will be going to work as a security guard. The need of having a security guard license is a must when you will be going to do the security guard job of carrying a firearm in emergency situations.

You must be 18 or above than 18 years, complete the training sessions, and pass through the background check in order to become a licensed security guard in your state.


It is true that the process of learning and understanding the way to become security guards needs some time and effort, but after that, it is worth it too. If you have the skills and your qualification are also matched with the above criteria, then upload your resume online on the job platforms and start searching for the Jobs.

We have to thank the security guards who are giving their services, fulfilling their duties, even not sleeping at night, only to give us protection to us. We really need to appreciate their efforts.

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