How to Hire a Security Guard Company: 7 Factors to Consider When Hiring Security Guards

How to Hire a Security Guard Company: 7 Factors to Consider When Hiring Security Guards

Whether you are looking into hiring private security guards, security for an event, mobile patrollers, or others, here’s a guide on how to hire a security guard that meets your requirements.

Businesses and property managers operating in high-crime areas or dealing with high-value products and lots of foot traffic should hire a security guard company. But how do you find a reputable security agency?

Hiring security guards is more than just selecting personnel based on physical strength and the capability to intimidate law violators. It’s about finding a security company that can give you what you need and certified professionals who possess the right skills to ensure that they will perform their duties effectively.

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#1. Consider the Type of Your Business & Setting You Are Going to Deploy Your Hired Security Guard

Consider the Type of Your Business & Setting You Are Going to Deploy Your Hired Security Guard

Security hiring is a crucial matter that you should base on the specific requirements of your business and your location.

For instance, public spaces like hotel lobbies, restaurants, bars, schools, and others should have security guards with a welcoming demeanor. This creates a friendly atmosphere that can help enhance customer experience while maintaining a safe environment. Unarmed guards are best for these scenarios.

On the other hand, we advise hiring armed security guards who exude authority and are trained to handle dangerous situations in high-crime areas. These include businesses dealing with valuable assets and high-value people.

In addition, decide if you need 24-hour surveillance because this will help determine whether you will hire full-time security personnel or just part-time/contractual security guards. This ensures that you will be implementing effective security measures perfectly suited to your business’s setting.

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#2. Decide if You’re Going to Hire Security Guards That Are Armed or Unarmed

Decide if You’re Going to Hire Security Guards That Are Armed or Unarmed

Deciding whether you are going to hire an armed or unarmed security guard will directly impact the effectiveness of your security plan. This decision will depend on the level of security you need which, in turn, will be determined by the risks your business is facing.

If you want to hire armed guards, make sure that they are licensed to carry a firearm. States will usually require armed security guards to undergo specialized training and acquire a certificate. Hiring armed security guards alone entails increased liability risks and higher insurance premiums for businesses. What more, do you think, will hiring uncertified guards cost you?

Unarmed guards do not carry firearms, but this does not mean they are less effective in deterring crimes on your property.

They are intensively trained in various security strategies including threat identification, patrols, and conflict de-escalation. They can also perform concierge duties since they are more approachable compared to intimidating armed guards who can make your customers feel uncomfortable.

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#3. Create a Profile and Write a Security Guard Job Description Before Hiring Security Personnel

Create a Profile and Write a Security Guard Job Description Before Hiring Security Personnel

Writing a security guard job description is key to finding the right candidates.

Step 1. Start by creating a profile for your ideal security guard. Consider their educational background, skills, industry experiences, seniority, and unique contributions they can bring to your company.

Step 2. Write a job description that provides a summary of the role and details about the duties, responsibilities, and skills you require for the position. Provide information about the setting they will be deployed in as well as your company culture, growth opportunities, and others that will help attract top talents.

Possible Security Guard Duties & Responsibilities That You Can Include in the Job Description

  • Monitoring live video surveillance to keep an eye on suspicious activities
  • Reporting and documenting vulnerabilities, risks, threats, and other security incidents
  • Patrolling your premises regularly to prevent unauthorized entry and deter potential criminals
  • Assist in enforcing company rules and regulations to maintain order
  • Providing customer service, answering inquiries, and assisting guests as needed
  • Verifying the identity of individuals entering your property and ensuring that they sign into a visitor log
  • Handling key control and access management as well as monitoring entrances and exits to ensure that only authorized individuals enter restricted areas
  • Escorting your employees and patrons to parking areas during late hours for added safety
  • Monitoring and responding to security alarms and system alerts
  • Responding to emergencies and providing first aid
  • Assisting in the coordination of evacuation procedures during emergencies
  • Collaborating with your local law enforcement and other emergency responders during incidents
  • Crowd control during events to ensure safety and order
  • Ensuring your compliance with relevant laws and regulations (e.g. fire safety)

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Security Guard Job Requirements: Skills & Character Traits to Look for When Hiring a Security Guard

Include a list of the necessary skills and experience you want for your ideal candidate. This helps in filtering out only highly qualified applicants which can save you time and resources in background checks and interviews.

Below are just some of the skills and requirements you can include in the job description:

  • Security guard certification and licensing based on your local requirements
  • Security training and qualifications (e.g. self-defense, emergency plan development, conflict de-escalation, patrol techniques, first-aid, fire safety, risk management)
  • Your minimum requirements for years of field experience
  • Familiarity with local laws and regulations
  • Knowledge of security procedures, protocols, and operation of security equipment
  • Prior law enforcement or military experience as a preferred skill
  • Firearms training and licensing, if applicable
  • Quick decision-making and sound judgment skills
  • Excellent observational and attention to detail
  • Strong skills in problem-solving, spatial reasoning, and critical thinking
  • Strong work ethic and interpersonal skills
  • Strong verbal and written communication abilities
  • Physical fitness to ensure that they are capable of performing their daily activities

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#4. Set a Budget & Include It in the Security Guard Job Description

Set a Budget & Include It in the Security Guard Job Description

Set your security guard salary budget and consider including a salary range when writing the job description to entice highly qualified candidates.

How much does a security guard cost?

According to Indeed, the average security guard salary in the United States is ~$16.9/hour with $12.65 being the lowest and $22.59 being the highest. This will depend on several factors such as your location, the seniority of the security guard, their experience, and their certifications.

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#5. Prepare the Right Interview Questions for Security Hiring

Prepare the Right Interview Questions for Security Hiring

When it comes to building a security team, asking the right questions during interviews is your secret weapon. Start with questions that will allow you to assess their emotional intelligence.

Find candidates who exhibit good judgment, especially when dealing with tough situations. You can throw in questions that start with “What would you do if…?” or “How would you handle…”  to see how they would react in case of real-life scenarios and if they meet your expectations.

Also, get to know about their past experiences and interest in the role. Choosing candidates with strong technical skills is great, but soft skills are also equally important when it comes to security. They should possess the right attitude and have something unique to bring to the table to upgrade your security lineup, not just to fill a position.

Security Guard Interview Questions That You Might Ask Your Candidates

  • What are the best security practices you are following to lower risk?
  • What are tense situations that you’ve managed to de-escalate?
  • How would you handle guests or customers who refuse to follow protocols?
  • What measures do you take to ensure your safety and the safety of others while on duty?
  • Were there situations when you have gone above and beyond in your previous security roles?
  • Do you have experience in controlling large crowds?
  • How do you assess the level of potential dangers?
  • When should you be contacting law enforcement?

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#6. Make Sure to Test the Technical Skills of Your Potential Candidates

Make Sure to Test the Technical Skills of Your Potential Candidates

To optimize your hiring process further, use pre-employment assessments for security hiring. There are many skills that a security guard should possess to succeed in security work that cannot be demonstrated in job interviews or resumes. For instance, you cannot evaluate vigilance and other attributes through a one-on-one conversation. But, you can evaluate this using skills and aptitude tests.

The most common security pre-employment assessments include:

  • Cognitive aptitude
  • Personality assessments
  • Skills assessments
  • Emotional intelligence tests
  • Risk assessments

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#7. Perform a Background Check & Contact References

Perform a Background Check & Contact References

Before finalizing your security hiring process, conduct a thorough background check and contact references. This is a non-negotiable and crucial step that ensures that the candidate you will be hiring possesses the integrity required for the position.

The comprehensive background check includes:

  • Criminal records
  • Employment history to spot discrepancies in the resumes
  • Confirming the authenticity of relevant licenses and certifications
  • First-hand insights from previous employers

Performing a background check is not only for validating credentials. It is also for understanding how each candidate manages their responsibilities and behaves in professional settings. This rigorous security hiring procedure ensures that you are upholding superior standards for your security personnel.

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How to Hire Security Guards: Other Helpful Things Property Managers Should Know

How to Hire Security Guards: Other Helpful Things Property Managers Should Know

What Is a Security Guard? What Do They Do?

Security guards are employed to protect your property, assets, staff, and patrons by providing the high level of security needed by your business. Aside from deterring theft and unauthorized access, they can also monitor surveillance equipment and alarms, respond to emergencies, and periodically patrol your grounds.

Security guards can work in various settings. From offices and shopping malls to events and public spaces that require a vigilant pair of eyes, they are there to proactively prevent potential security threats.

Where to Hire a Security Guard

There are many ways how you can find security guards – source from a security company or hire in-house (full-time) guards.

In-house guards offer more flexibility and you will have greater control over the hiring process. But if you are only looking for the following, sourcing from a security company is a cheaper option:

  • Contractual, short-term, or temporary guards for special events
  • Patrols that don’t need a 24/7 onsite guard
  • Other similar situations

Security Guards Ranks

Security guard ranks can vary from company to company. It spans from entry-level positions to senior management with different roles and responsibilities. For instance, unarmed security guard rankings may start from entry-level watchmen who do not carry any self-defense weapons to certified security officers who have undergone various security training and can carry non-lethal weapons.

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How do I hire a good security guard?

The basic steps in hiring exceptional security guards are (1) understanding your needs including your security concerns, (2) tailoring the security guard job description to your requirements, (3) testing the soft and hard skills of your candidates, (4) asking questions on how they deal with potential security incidents, and (5) verifying their integrity through background checks and references.

Why should you hire a security guard?

Customer safety and satisfaction are paramount to the success of a business, so hiring a security guard is a necessity. Proactive crime deterrence is key to preventing significant damage to your property and reputation.

Professional security personnel have two major duties:
(1) Safeguard your premises from criminals to prevent costly property damage, and
(2) Ensure a secure environment for your guests and workers alike to boost productivity and sales.

From simple criminal acts like trespassing and vandalism to more serious incidents like theft, robbery, and arson, these certified professionals can act quickly to reduce potential damage to your business.

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How do I choose a security guard company?

Among the most important factors that you should consider when hiring a security guard company are:

– The quality of their security personnel
– Their reputation based on previous customer reviews
– Their license, certifications, and insurance coverage to save you from potential liabilities


The presence of vigilant and reliable security guards on your premises will greatly help in avoiding unnecessary business costs and protecting your revenue. Thus, hiring highly qualified applicants is crucial in guaranteeing the effectiveness of your security team in handling various threats that your business is facing. Do not just hire to fill a position. Hire to add an invaluable business partner who is in line with your company goals.

Scout Security is a fully insured and licensed security company with certified and well-trained security guards. Our rigorous staff screening process ensures that our clients will only get trustworthy and dependable security personnel including veterans and former law enforcers. Hire us now!

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