What Are the Different Types of Training for Security Guards?


When some initiatives take place while hiring a professional security guard, the security personnel adopt many different skills or training. There are various kinds of training for security guards that have been hired. Security officer Colorado plays a key role in the safety of people and the safety of organization property. Security guards must qualify to carry out the specific tasks. Various security guards in the firms perform different tasks such as traffic management, security control, control room operator, and access control. The different type of organizations needs different security guards with some special skills. The security guards adopt these skills via training. Further, we are going to tell you about the security guard’s training. If you know about it briefly, then read the whole article until it ends.

The training type of security guards Denver

Based on security guards’ training

In this training, the security guards learn about the safety and security procedures, duties, basics task, and responsibilities. The basic security guards training system is further divided into several courses.

  • Hospital security courses: the duration of this training course is 2 days in which the security personnel learn about patient and customer service, traffic control, access control, and quick responses to the hospital.
  • Special events security courses: In this course, the security trainee is trained on the safety system, strategies, and operational skills to handle the special events. The course of this training lies from 1-3 days.
  • Cash in transit course: This type of training course provides the security guards with protection cash and other valuable items. In this, the personnel learns certain standards to give security services for cash and other valuable items.
  • X-ray screening course: The security personnel inspects and operates an X-ray machine in this training course. This security training is required for airport safety consisting of emergency intervention procedures, aviation hazards, aircraft protection, and many more.
  • Bank security course: These types of training courses are mostly given to target the criminals. It is a necessary course because it improves bank security. In this training course, the security personnel learned about the security of individuals, bank assets, and property and avoided further risks or threats.
  • Hotel security course: This kind of security training differs from training courses provided in the business. In this training course, the security guards learn about the security related to the hotels. Security personnel is getting training to save the customers and hotel management from risk or threats.
  • Security supervisor training: This training course is given to the security guard who is already promoted or will be promoted as the supervisor to increase awareness. The duration of the course is a week in which security personnel learns about leadership, management, and maintenance of documents.
  • Security manager training: this training course is given to the supervisor if the security needs to be in the security manager line. The focus of this training course is mainly on security regular, management roles. The duration of this course is around 5 days or less than a week.
  • Sports management course: this course training will give for 2 weeks to the security guard to teach about security at the sports events. The objective of this training course is to give knowledge of roles and responsibilities at the sports events.


General guard training

There are also many courses available in this second kind of training. There are also certificates provided to the security trainee after completing any course.

  • Special general security course for oil and gas facilities.
  • Supervisor control room course
  • Supervisor control room course
  • Management course
  • Self-defence and fitness course
  • Traffic management course
  • CCTV operator control room course


Occupation health and safety training

Organization safety is also an important portion of security personnel duties. The organization’s safety maintains the safety of management, staff, cash, valuable goods, and organization owner. Occupation health and safety training is also further divided into some courses for the security guards.

  • Infection prevention
  • Safety evacuation and fire prevention
  • Health and safety at the organization
  • Conflict resolution
  • Management of safety
  • First aid safety course
  • CSHH ( control subcutaneous hazardous to health)


In this article, we tell you that here are the 3 kinds of training provided to the security personnel to learn about the specific security. And there are many courses consisting of these types of training. The individuals interested in the job of security guards will participate in this training and learn about the excellent levels of security.


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