Scout Eagle

After reaching out to Scout and deploying an Eagle we have seen crime basically come to a stop in our parking lot. Criminals don't want to be recorded or caught! Make the investment the Eagle works!
Cindy Waters
Property Manager
Scout Eagle

Scout Security is excited to announce the launch of The Scout Eagle.  The Scout eagle can be deployed on any site to deter and provide surveillance.   This application can be used in retail, construction, multifamily properties as well as other sites.   97% reduction in crime in an area when Scout Eagle is deployed.  Scout Eagle can be configured to provide different levels of deterrence based on configuration and monitoring.  The Scout Eagle is live monitored security tool for motion and voice activation.  A 210db siren and be set off Remotely as well as notifying our boots on the ground to respond quickly to the situation.  Our competitive advantage is we have live patrol security services that monitor and respond to the units within minutes of an alert. 

The presence alone is enough to have any criminal second guess if they want to be on your property! 

This is just another way Scout Security is leading the way in its: Tech FWD/People Driven ecosystem. 

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