Can Security Guards Arrest You?


Can security guards arrest you?

The power to make an arrest means granting authority to arrest or detain someone because of a law violation. Different people have different arrest power; for example, a police officer’s possession to arrest someone is different than those of security guards possess to make an arrest.

This article clears all the details on a security officer’s power to arrest. A security guard is unable to arrest without committing the offense. However, you must learn what law condition allows you to arrest the accused.

Overview of Criminal offense

A criminal offense means a violation of federal regulation. Crime happens when a person breaches the lawn. Here are some typical offenses that security guards have to deal with their entire career

  • Imitation or weapon for a dangerous person
  • Criminal harassment
  • Unlawful assembly
  • Theft or robbery
  • Possession of counterfeit money
  • Enter or break with the intent of committing the offense in a dwelling house
  • Utter forget a document, etc.

After committing to crime, a person is arrested or detained by police, the general public, and security guards, also.

What is an arrest?

An arrest is a mental or physical detention against the will of a doctor. In simple words, detention means to deprive the rights of someone when they do something that is contrary to the rights of another member of society.

        Valid arrest procedure

A valid arrest arises when security guards arrest the person. When security guards arrest someone, they have to tell the person they are under arrest, give them the reason for arrest, and submit it to the police officer.

Making the arrest is not the arrest until your hand to accused to the police or other investigating officers.  

          Arrest procedure

  • Identify yourself
  • Say to the person that they are under arrest by security guards
  • Give the true and clear reason for arrest

    Your duty after the arrest procedure
  • Physically firm but usually by the support of your upper arms represented by physical gestures and words that the person is to accompany you. The person submits clearly to accompany you and you voluntarily.
  • The person returns to the manager’s office or security supervisor as soon as possible.
  • Tell the person they can retain and instruct whichever counsel they wish.
  • If the arrested person by security guards is young, they should contact relatives, parents, or guardian
  • If a person wants to talk to their lawyers, then security guards should allow them to talk privately.
  • Ensure that the people understand what you, as security guards, are saying. If they do not understand, explain things in plain and clear language.
  • Record the statements of arrest clearly in a notebook.

Security guards arrest someone if the police officer requests them to do so. However, you can perform duties easily in several companies in various places, and you should have local police numbers.

Having the police numbers, you can contact them in case of emergency time that you arrest the person.

Duties performed by security guards when they arrest someone

Here are the four duties performed by security guards when they arrest someone.

  • Identify yourself
  • Inform the person who is under arrest by security guards
  • Give the true reason to the person who arrests by security guards
  • Inform the person,” you are under custody if required; restrain them.”

If the security guards arrest someone, they should call to police immediately and hand it over to them. Detain means to hold the person on suspicion for a short time and release after the questioning. Remember that the security guards have no special power to arrest or detain the person.

Rules to be followed by security guards during arrest

  • A male security guard should never be alone with the female prisoner who he arrests
  • A female security guard should stay with a female prisoner
  • As same as, the male prisoner should never be left alone with the female security guards
  • Security guards do not have the approach or right to search the person or baggage of someone detained unless there is reasonable ground to believe that detained has a weapon that may be used to injure themselves or others.

Certain conditions for the legal arrest of a citizen

  • The reasonable grounds or witness to suspect that person has committed the crime
  • They have reasonable grounds or witnesses to suspect that person is in the act of crime committed.
  • To protect the person from causing personal injury to themselves
  • To prevent the person from causing loss or damage to the property of organizations/businesses.


An arrest is a detention under or according to the law authority. In this, the security guard can arrest someone in the penal code. They have regular processes for their arrest actions at the crime scenes or when arresting the person.

A person has been arrested by security guards when they are detained against their will. A person is only arrested by security guards when there is evidence of a crime fill against them in which they committed.

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