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Do you want to hire a security guard? Do you want to know about the code of ethics and the conduct? If yes, then read the complete article and get detailed information about the general rules of the security guard company in Denver. The competent deploys of the agency, honest and motivated security guards, protect the clients under the protected officials of the company and employees that act against the harmed body and the injury and protect from the theft, arson, robbery, pilferage, theft, and the other unlawful activities.

The security guards in our society are needs to throughout more friendly with the eleven general rules, the code of ethics, and the code of conduct are implementing some rules and the regulations.

Here in this article, we are going to tell you about the 11 general rules of the security guards, code of the ethics, and the code of conduct. Read the above factors of the article tills it ends to gain the brief information.

Security guards 11 General Rules

In this, you will get the information on the total 11 general rules of the security guards. Let us dive more into all general rules.

  1. To get the post-charge and all properties of the company in the simple view and preserve the same information under the utmost diligence.
  2. During the tour of the duty, walk-in an alert manner, remain always on the alert, and analyze everything that is happening within the hearing of the sight.
  3. To duplicate all violations of the orders that are instructed to enforce.
  4. To relay all post calls from the distant posts and from the guard house than the own duties.
  5. Under the quit of the post when they are relieved properly.
  6. To obey, pass, and receive the relieving of the orders from the officials, officers, supervisors, shift leaders, and the post in charge of the company.
  7. To talk about the exemptions in the line duty of the professional security Colorado.
  8. To provide the alarm in the case of a disorder or a fire.
  9. Give a call to the superior of the office when the problem is not covered by the instructions.
  10. Too proud to the officials of the company, agency superiors, officers, and the ranking public officials of the national police.
  11. To be monitored especially at the night and at the time of any challenges occur to the person or near to their posts, and to permit that no one has able to pass without the accurate authority.

Code of the ethics

  • The fundamental duty of the security guard is to serve the mission and the interest of his company in the contract compliance that entered in the company with the clients that they are supposed to deliver.
  • They always is honest in their deeds and thoughts related to the official and the personal actions and obey the land law and the regulations that are determined by the agency and established by the company that they supposed to protect.
  • They never reveal the confidential matter that confides him as the security guard under which all matters are imposed by the law.
  • They always acts with decorum and shall not allow personal feelings, undue friendship, and prejudices the influence the situation under the performance of the company functions.
  • They shall not compromise with the criminals to the customer’s prejudice and his customer but teach the government against the lawlessness and the other activities of the crimes.
  • They must carry out their assigned duties as the work of the security guard that is required by the law to their best ability and establishment of the property that they are assigned.
  • They always have to wear the patches, badges, and the uniform in the proper manner to gain the public trust and the confidence as the trustworthy security guard, private detectives, and the watchman.
  • They must keep their allegiance to the government, and agency, and establish loyalty and dedicated services.

Code of the conduct

  • They did not use the privileges, and the licenses to the public prejudices, customers, and their agency.
  • They do not involve in unnecessary conditions with someone. They only engage with the discharge of the duties by the nature of their work.
  • They never read magazines, newspapers, books, etc while functioning their duties.
  • They shall understand the location of the telephonic number of the police and the fire station in the locality.
  • They have to immediately notify the police in the situation of the disorder, riot, and the strikes, or any violations of the property and the life.


In this article, you will get the information on the general rules of the security guards, along with the code of ethics, and the code of conduct. Stay joined by our page for informative articles.

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