When Should You Hire Short-Term or Temporary Security Guards?

When Should You Hire Short-Term or Temporary Security Guards?

Temporary, short-term security guards are more cost-effective solutions for events, construction projects, and during the holiday rush when you will only need security for a few days, weeks, or months.

Hiring full-time security guards is not always a practical and budget-friendly option, especially if you only need heightened security during specific times or days. So if you are wondering when to hire contractual security guards, this article will help you.

We’ve listed some examples of situations where outsourcing third-party security personnel can save you a lot of money compared to full-time security. We’ve also included the benefits of hiring temporary security and the factors to consider when finding reliable personnel.

Scout Security provides top-notch short-term security solutions including mobile patrols in the Denver Metro and Colorado Springs areas. We have fully certified and insured security guards who are rigorously trained in various security strategies specific to your industry. Book a consultation now!

How to Know if Short-Term or Contractual Security Guards Are Best Suited for Your Needs

How to Know if Short-Term or Contractual Security Guards Are Best Suited for Your Needs

If you’re new to hiring security personnel for your business, assess your needs by determining if you are facing the situations listed below to know if temporary security guards are the ideal choice for your situation.

Consider hiring short-term or temporary security guards if:

  • Your current staff cannot provide the necessary security for your upcoming event/s or daily operations.
  • Your business is undergoing unusual internal safety or compliance issues, such as odd behaviors or mishaps (e.g. items disappearing, money unaccounted for, unsecured doors, etc.)
  • You are hosting large events attended by numerous guests and VIPs or those involving valuable assets and merchandise requiring enhanced security measures
  • Your business has been facing workplace violence, theft, vandalism, or any suspicious behavior
  • You are expecting increased foot traffic to your business or property due to unique circumstances

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9 Examples of Specific Situations Where Hiring Temporary Security Guards Is More Practical

Below are the specific scenarios where hiring temporary security guards proves more practical:

Hire temporary security guards for events and construction or renovation projects

#1. Private & Public Events

Hiring temporary security guards is important for managing security at wide-scale events that draw large crowds to ensure the safety of your attendees, employees, and clients.

Short-term security services are necessary for safeguarding events you are hosting, especially when there’s an anticipated increase in risk regardless of the duration of the event.

These events include:

  • Corporate gatherings
  • Public rallies
  • Weddings
  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • Sports events

Private security guards are also equipped to handle various security tasks, allowing your company (specifically event organizers) to focus on other aspects of event management without compromising safety.

These tasks include:

  • Checking credentials (or tickets)
  • Preventing unauthorized access
  • Patrolling for suspicious activity
  • Mitigating potential threats (e.g. gate crashing, theft)
  • Managing crowd control
  • Responding to security concerns
  • Directing human and car traffic

Trained security guards play a crucial role in maintaining order during events known for excitement and high energy (e.g. political rallies) by addressing potential conflicts and emergencies.

Places where people will be cheering and drinking are more prone to security issues and emergencies. Security guards are trained in conflict de-escalation, first-aid, and CPR in case any issue happens during the event.

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#2. Construction or Renovation Projects

Opting for short-term security for construction and renovation projects ensures that only authorized personnel access your site to prevent costly security breaches, especially equipment theft.

Temporary guards secure your premises to ensure safety during and after work hours. This is particularly important as construction sites contain valuable materials and equipment, making them targets for theft (especially smaller tools) and vandalism.

“Construction machinery thefts in the USA are on the increase and are “well on pace” to eclipse the national average of 10,000-11,000 thefts a year.”

Construction Briefing

In addition, there will also be fewer people within your premises during construction projects which will require enhanced security. Security guards, specifically fire watchers, can also make sure that you are complying with construction-related standards by checking on your employees while they are at work. 

(You can read our blog about fire watch requirements which includes OSHA fire watch standards in construction sites.)

Temporary guards can perform the following duties to provide a safer working environment for your employees and protect your assets:

  • Conduct regular mobile patrols
  • Secure entry and exit points
  • Monitor expensive equipment
  • Report illegal activities to law enforcement
  • Swiftly respond to workplace-related accidents and injuries

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Hire temporary security guards during seasonal increases, securing unoccupied buildings, transporting valuables, and for hostile terminations

#3. Seasonal Increases

Hire temporary security guards during seasonal increases, especially in the retail and hospitality industry when there is an influx of customers which increases the risk of security incidents.

Short-term security guards can address the surge in security concerns that accompany busy periods, like holidays, in your business. They offer a flexible solution that can be scaled according to your needs to ensure smooth business operations without the commitment to expensive, long-term contracts.

For instance, contracted security services can enhance your property’s protection on-demand to cater to specific times or days when risks are perceived to be higher. 

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#4. Securing Unoccupied Buildings

Temporary security guards can protect valuables and prevent vandalism in unoccupied residential or commercial buildings. 

If your building will be unoccupied for a limited amount of time, you might need additional security to ensure comprehensive protection during this period.

#5. Transporting Valuables

Hiring short-term security guards when transporting valuables or high-profile individuals can help in identifying the safest routes to mitigate potential security risks. They can even gather crucial intelligence to ensure the secure and efficient transport of your valuable items (or people).

#6. Hostile Terminations

Ensure the safety of all parties involved during hostile terminations by hiring temporary security guards to act as your bodyguards.

This is particularly advisable in cases where the individual being terminated has a history of criminal behavior or has displayed instability in the workplace. These guards can offer protection to your managers, employees, and customers against potential threats from the fired employee.

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Hire temporary security guards to address criminal threats, loss prevention, and post-emergency disasters

#7. Criminal Endangerment

Better hire short-term security guards when your workplace is facing potential criminal threats to prevent undesirable situations.

It is best to increase your security when:

  • One of your employees is being targeted by a stalker or threatened by customers
  • A known criminal poses a risk in your vicinity

Professional security guards are trained in various safety protocols which enables them to identify and mitigate danger proactively. Their presence can help you maintain your normal business operations and productivity despite the threat by lessening fear among your staff and clients.

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#8. Loss Prevention

Contractual security guards can help avoid serious losses to your business by preventing theft and fraud.

While full-time security guards may be more suitable in some situations, you can also hire short-term guards whose immediate presence can deter potential threats. They are also trained to handle emergencies efficiently, ensuring a swift 911 response when necessary.

In addition, they can:

  • Monitor your inventory
  • Protect your assets
  • Help in investigating loss incidents
  • Provide the necessary evidence for legal actions

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#9. Post-Emergency Disasters

Business operations are often paused in the aftermath of emergencies which leaves your premises vulnerable to security issues due to reduced surveillance. Security firms, such as Scout Security, offer skilled temporary guards trained in managing such scenarios.

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6 Benefits of Hiring Temporary Security Guards

If you think full-time security guards will give you more benefits compared to short-term guards, think again after you’ve read the advantages of contracted guards below:

Benefits of Temporary Security Guards: Convenience | affordability | highly professional guards

#1. Convenience

Hiring short-term security guards offers the convenience of quickly deploying qualified security personnel to your business with just one phone call. This way, you won’t need to call around and interview candidates which reduces administrative burdens.

Scout Security will handle the whole security staffing for you through our rigorously screened security personnel who are on standby 24/7 to answer your call.

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#2. Affordability

Contracted security guards provide a budget-friendly solution if you only need security for short periods or special events to ensure protection without overspending.

Temporary security guards offer significant cost savings compared to permanent security personnel for the following reasons:

  • They are usually cheaper than full-time hires which avoids additional expenses, especially liability insurance
  • They are suitable for businesses with small security budgets needing professional protection for a limited time
  • You will only pay for the services you will avail of and the hours or days you need based on your specific requirements and budget
  • They eliminate the need for extensive and costly candidate vetting
  • You can save on training, equipment, salaries, and benefits needed when hiring in-house security guards

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#3. Highly Professional Security Guards

Outsourcing short-term security guards from a reputable security agency ensures that you get highly professional personnel who have undergone a rigorous screening process.

Licensed security agencies, including Scout Security, often perform criminal background checks, drug screening, and other necessary checks to verify the integrity of their personnel. Since these guards also work under a security firm and are part of a larger organization, they are held to high standards.

Their behavior reflects the firm’s values which ensures positive interactions with your clients, staff, customers, and business partners. This can help in improving your company’s image and reputation.

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Benefits of Temporary Security Guards: Highly-Trained | Flexibility & Adaptability | Cutting-Edge Technology

#4. Highly-Trained Security Personnel

Third-party security guards receive extensive training from security firms to ensure that they are well-versed in security protocols including your local laws and regulations.

Private security guards possess specialized skills in many areas such as crowd control, emergency response (including medical emergencies), and conflict resolution. Thus, giving you peace of mind knowing that they are equipped with the right skills to effectively assess and handle various security incidents and emergencies. Their knowledge of local laws also helps ensure your adherence to relevant standards so you can avoid potential legal issues.

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#5. Flexibility & Adaptability

We provide flexible and customizable security services to meet the diverse requirements of any industry. Thus, giving you significant savings in the long run.

Along with other private security firms, Scout Security also offers tailored security solutions through:

  • Personalized consultations to understand your specific security requirements
  • Different security personnel options including dedicated security guards, mobile patrollers, CCTV operators, fire watchers, and more
  • Adjustable security guard numbers and schedules to suit your fluctuating security demands

Moreover, as we’ve mentioned, we train our guards to efficiently handle different security incidents from threat identification and conflict de-escalation to emergency response. They can perform various tasks specific to the duties and responsibilities you will assign to them.

#6. Cutting-Edge Technology

Contracted temporary security guards use the latest security technologies to enhance their effectiveness and responsiveness in handling security threats.

These technologies include:

  • Communication radios
  • Advanced surveillance cameras 
  • Mobile apps for real-time communication and incident reporting
  • GPS tracking for mobile patrol verification
  • Wearable technology and smart devices for immediate access to critical information

More importantly, temporary security services can help minimize risks, reduce liabilities, and protect your reputation.

Short-term security guards can protect your reputation, mitigate risks, and prevent liabilities by:

  • Deterring criminal activities
  • Maintaining order to reduce accidents and injuries
  • Swiftly responding to incidents
  • Minimizing property damage

Moreover, Scout Security is a fully insured firm which means that you don’t have to worry about liabilities in case of unexpected incidents. Our guards can even provide relevant evidence and testimony to support legal proceedings.

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How to Find Trustworthy Short-Term Security Officers

How to Find Trustworthy Short-Term Security Officers

  • Find guards with the necessary credentials, certifications, and relevant security training to guarantee maximized safety
  • Choose security firms that staff former law enforcement and veterans, like Scout Security, to ensure their reliability
  • Check if the security company offers the services you need and specializes in your industry
  • Consider companies with positive online reviews and testimonials

Important Tip: Consider Your Security Risk Before Hiring Contracted Security

Understanding your specific needs will make sure that you are hiring the appropriate number of short-term security guards who have the right skills to meet your requirements.

Make sure to:

  • Assess your business’s size, location, and clientele
  • For events, evaluate the venue’s size and the event’s scale
  • Consider your risk level (low, medium, high)

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Why should you hire a temporary, short-term security guard?

Also referred to as contractual security guards, short-term security guards are more affordable, convenient, and flexible to hire. You only pay for the services you will avail, you don’t have to worry about the rigorous hiring process of in-house guards, and you will get security personnel who can perform almost any task required by your business.

What is the average schedule for a security guard?

Private security firms usually offer eight-hour or twelve-hour shifts which can be day or night shifts. This means that they will charge you an hourly pay rate.

Contact Scout Security to Know if Hiring Temporary Security Guards Is Best Suited for Your Needs

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