The Importance of Hotel Security: 11 Benefits of Hotel Security & Why Your Business Needs It

The Importance of Hotel Security: 11 Benefits of Hotel Security & Why Your Business Needs It

Being a major player in the global economy, the hospitality industry in the United States has been continuously growing over the past years. In fact, a revenue of USD 280 billion was recorded in 2018 which was almost twice that of the revenue in the early 2000s. This greatly benefits hotel owners and property managers, but this rapid growth has also increased the risk of hospitality establishments to various security attacks.

This makes having a comprehensive hotel security plan crucial to combat these issues. With that said, here are 11 reasons why you need hotel security if you want to ensure the success of your business.

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Why Do You Need Security & How Does It Impact Guest Satisfaction?

Why Do You Need Security & How Does It Impact Guest Satisfaction?

In an industry where customer satisfaction is paramount to a business’s success, implementing a robust security plan to protect your reputation is necessary. Guest safety is the driver of a successful hotel business.

A poorly planned or lack of hotel security strategy can lead to poor customer experience and destroy their loyalty and trust. All it takes is a single breach of security to damage your company’s image which can result in losing valuable customers and revenue. And in this digital age, negative news travels fast which can destroy your business further. Thus, significantly impacting your bottom line.

Creating a secure environment allows your guests to unwind and enjoy their stays without stress which increases customer satisfaction. Providing quality hotel service boosts customer loyalty which leads to more repeat customers and positive word-of-mouth reviews – the two key components that determine your business’s longevity.

Thus, property managers and business owners in the hospitality industry should implement strong security measures to protect their reputation.

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Top 11 Specific Benefits of Hotel Security Services

Top 11 Specific Benefits of Hotel Security Services

Professional hotel security services can mitigate property damage, avoid criminal activities, and enhance your safety protocols.

From proactive and visible crime deterrence to cutting-edge surveillance capabilities, hotel security offers many advantages that can strengthen your reputation and improve guest satisfaction.

Vulnerability identification and access control

#1. Identification & Correction of Security Vulnerabilities

Professional security guards play a critical role in spotting vulnerabilities in the security protocols of hotel and resort businesses. For instance, our skilled professionals are trained to recognize and control a wide variety of security threats before they escalate.

In addition, we can provide comprehensive risk assessments to identify specific gaps in your hotel security measures and provide proven recommendations to enhance your overall safety program.

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#2. Monitoring Who Enters & Leaves Your Property to Prevent Unauthorized Access

It is important to monitor your hotel premises to keep them free from unauthorized people. One effective way to do this is to limit access to your entry points by identifying who’s coming in and out of your premises.

Physical security strategies can help you achieve this goal by deploying well-trained and strategically placed security officers. They can man entry and exit points, elevators, and stairwells to deter potential intruders or any criminal activity. They can even spot and control suspicious behaviors before they lead to serious security issues.

In addition, real-time CCTV surveillance services where you will have guards who will keep their eyes glued to live video feeds of your entire property can help ensure that only authorized personnel and/or guests will access your hotel.

Tip: You can also use access control systems to verify an individual’s identification first through advanced technology such as RFID cards before they are allowed to enter.

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Crime prevention and maximizing customer satisfaction

#3. Crime Prevention On Your Premises Through 24/7 Surveillance

Vigilant security officers and 24/7 surveillance help mitigate crime in hotels, resorts, and other hospitality establishments, especially during off hours. They patrol parking areas, garages, hallways, and other crime hotspots regularly to monitor suspicious activities and discourage potential law violators. Thus, significantly reducing the risk of criminal activities.

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#4. Ensuring Guest Safety to Maximize Customer Satisfaction

Through constant vigilance and proactive crime deterrence, security officers can effectively safeguard your patrons and property. They serve as the first line of defense in preventing violent or harmful acts to mitigate security issues on the fly. Thus, making your guests feel safe and secure, knowing that their comfort and welfare are your top priorities.

Moreover, security officers are trained in emergency response procedures including first-aid so they can immediately respond to medical emergencies involving your guests. They can also help in handling disruptive visitors which further improves your customer service and ensures your guests’ satisfaction and peace of mind.

This is a great way of getting and increasing the number of repeat customers as well as acquiring new ones through recommendations from your previous satisfied guests. 

**According to a study in 2018 regarding the impacts of security measures in hotels on customer relationships, having guests who faced no safety issues during their stay helps hoteliers achieve their main objectives of maximizing guest satisfaction and ensuring profit maximization.

Preventing property damage and protecting your guests’ belongings

#5. Preventing Property Damage & Vandalism to Avoid Rising Insurance Premiums

Robust hotel security measures help in preventing property damage and vandalism which is essential in avoiding high insurance premiums.

Property insurance premiums have been rising consistently due to high construction costs and supply chain disruptions. Thus, increasing the severity of property damage claims.

Security guards serve as powerful deterrents against potential would-be criminals and even violent guests. This significantly reduces the likelihood of intentional damage both inside (guest rooms, conference halls, etc.) and outside of your hotel.

Not only do they patrol your property to stop any crime before it occurs or disrupt ongoing ones before they escalate. They also monitor live CCTV surveillance systems to prevent vandals from striking and maintain the integrity of your property.

By controlling these risks firmly, you can safeguard your reputation, eliminate legal disputes, and stop insurance costs from rising.

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#6. Protecting Your Guests’ Belongings

Guests, especially in luxury hotels, often bring high-value items like jewelry, laptops, and other personal belongings. Another way of ensuring customer satisfaction is by implementing adequate security measures to protect these belongings.

As we’ve mentioned, trained security officers patrol your property regularly. And, with the help of advanced technology (high-definition cameras, motion detectors, etc.) to keep a close eye on your premises 24/7, security guards can stop property and parking lot theft swiftly. 

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Providing staff support and security for special events and VIP guests

#7. Protecting & Providing Support to Your Staff

Unarmed security guards help ensure the safety of your hotel staff should they face conflicts with unruly guests. Customer complaints at reception desks regarding identification concerns, billing, and others can lead to violent situations where guests start threatening your staff. Having a security officer stationed at reception desks helps in resolving these disputes as well as in enforcing your hotel policies.

In addition, staff handling cash should be protected as well. With highly trained guards by their side, your employees will feel safer and more confident in doing their job. This also boosts productivity which is good for your business.

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#8. Specialized Security for Events & Your VIP Guests to Avoid Disturbing Other Guests

Security guards can also provide specialized security services for your high-profile guests who, for sure, are expecting additional security to be given to them. VIPs visiting your hotel means paparazzi and crowd surges which could disrupt your other guests and cause unexpected accidents or injuries. Disturbances can be minimized when guards are present to effectively control crowds and escort your VIP guests to their rooms.

In addition, there are also security companies that specialize in providing services for large events to prevent security concerns.

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Prompt emergency response, ensuring legal compliance, and security equipment monitoring

#9 Prompt Response to Emergencies

From fires to medical emergencies and even the most dangerous situations like active shooting incidents, security guards are prepared to manage any crisis in your hotel.

Hotel security guards have been intensively trained in handling a wide range of emergencies including CPR and first-aid measures, so you can rely on them to respond to emergencies swiftly. They can assist you in evacuating your guests and in maintaining order amidst all of the chaos.

Through effective coordination with your local emergency service providers and law enforcers, security guards can help save countless lives and substantially mitigate the destructive impact of emergencies.

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#10. Ensuring Your Legal Compliance & Liability Reduction

In addition to acting as visible deterrents to law violators, hotel security officers help ensure that your safety protocols comply with hotel regulatory requirements.

Conducting regular security audits and risk assessments with the assistance of security services can help identify vulnerabilities. This allows you to take corrective actions to minimize potential hazards and maintain a secure environment to prevent incidents that could lead to legal actions against your hotel.

Detailed incident reports done by security guards during their rounds are also important and serve as proof of your establishment’s dedication to safety in case of possible lawsuits.

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#11. Monitoring & Maintenance of Security Equipment

Security guards can also help in the oversight of your security equipment and alarm systems to make sure that they are working properly. In case they identify defects or any damage, they can report to you so you can fix the issues immediately to prevent failures in case of emergencies.

Other Important Things to Know About Hotel Security

Other Important Things to Know About Hotel Security

Other Precautions You Can Take to Ensure Guest/Staff Safety & Security

  • Keep your property, especially isolated areas, well-lit
  • Screen your employees carefully by conducting rigorous background checks
  • Train your staff in safety & security procedures
  • Implement cybersecurity measures for guest data protection

Common Hotel Security Issues You Need to Know

  • Physical Threats
    • Anti-social behavior
    • Unauthorised visitors
    • Sexual harassment
    • Violence between guests
    • Vandalism
    • Threatening behavior
    • Trespassers

  • Cybersecurity Threats
    • Customer data/identity theft 
    • Phishing Attacks
    • Ransomware

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Why is security important in a hotel?

Security has a significant impact on customer satisfaction which is the driver of success for hospitality establishments. Without an adequate security plan in place, you could face business losses due to poor customer service.

What does hotel security do?

Hotel security is your first line of defense against security threats. They control access to your property to prevent the entry of unauthorized individuals, identify and control potential threats, respond to emergencies, assist your staff, and others.

Implementing a Robust Hotel Security Plan to Improve Safety: Customized Hotel Security Solutions as the Most Effective Measure

Hiring the services of a hotel security company will be beneficial to your business as they offer a wide range of services ranging from private security and video surveillance to fire watch services. Whether you need static security guards or mobile patrol services, they can provide you with comprehensive security solutions that meet your specific needs.

Scout Security can help you achieve your main goals of building customer trust and creating repeat customers for your hotel business. Our mobile patrols, dedicated security guards, fire watch services, and others can also help with your regulatory compliance. Contact us now to learn more about our services.

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